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About Rupert’s Honey

Rupert’s Honey started operations as a father and son combination in 1994, in South Africa. The company grew rapidly and throughout its history has been prominent in developing technologies and methods to help uplift people in rural communities. Rupert’s Honey was a professional honey and pollination service for many years, offering training in beekeeping, organic honey production and alternative equipment systems for beekeeping.

Tim and Crispin Jackson developed the Jackson Horizontal Hive and since 1998 have been helping small scale farmers in African countries to keep bees with it. Projects in Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa have given Rupert’s Honey a vast knowledge on apiculture and how to implement full scale turn-key projects in rural settings. In 2016 Rupert’s Honey has been streamlined and formed into a dynamic forward thinking company specialising in rural development through Apiculture. The Jackson Horizontal Hive and methods of modern sustainable beekeeping are once again being taught to small scale farmers to help alleviate poverty and improve food security. Rupert’s honey has a philosophy to invest in other people through applicable training, technological advances and skills transfer so that together global poverty can be combated. We believe that people should be architects of their own development, thus we supply knowledge to support their plans, not dictate to them. Rupert’s honey is driven to empower people with sustainable development and gender equality so that they can uplift themselves from poverty and increase their own food security.